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Here you will find suppliers of the long hair wig in every style for the best prices.  They are listed here.  Take a look at each and compare prices and styles.

The long hair wig is very popular today.  More so than any other style of wig it allows a person the most complete change in their appearance.

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There are different types of material the long hair wig can be made of ranging from human hair to synthetic.  Because each face is different there are important considerations in selecting the right long hair wig.

In today’s society the long hair wig has become very fashionable. Many people are interested in wearing long hair wigs because it allows them to look like their favorite celebrity. Even celebrities themselves have worn wigs further contributing the popularity.

Some people that wear wigs do so out of necessity. Some women experience severe hair loss from old age, an illness or medication they must take. A long hair wig can cover the baldness easily and help greatly with a person’s self esteem and appearance.

There are a variety of materials wigs are made of these days and each has its one unique benefits.

Before going too far Amazon.com has a great selection of long hair wigs you may want to look at.

Human Hair Wigs

The most natural and versatile type of wig today is made of human hair.

They are also one of the most expensive of all wig types-but if they can be afforded they are worth it.

Human hair wigs can be styled, cut, permed and even dyed just like hair that is naturally grown.

Wigs of this type must also be cared for just like real hair. They must be shampooed and conditioned once in a while.

The four most popular types of human hair wigs are: Caucasian, Chinese, Indian and Indonesian.


Synthetic Hair Wigs

Synthetic hair wigs are quite popular because they are very economical compared to the more expensive human hair alternative. Wigs of this type can be made of a variety of materials including: wool, feathers and hair from horses and buffalo. They are versatile and one can barely distinguish them from the human hair alternative.

One big difference is that they are not meant to be styled—so you have to stick to whatever the wig comes with. Also they are not suitable for use with hot curling irons, blow dryers or hot rollers.

Lace Wigs

Lace wigs are very popular with celebrities as they provide for a very natural look. They are full wigs that have a piece of lace mesh attached to the front just beyond the hairline. The lace mesh is fit and often glued to the wearers head. Because of the lace incorporated in the wig, it allows the hair to part naturally giving it such a real look.

Vacuum Wigs

Vacuum wigs are custom designed to fit the unique head of the wearer. These wigs have a silicon base and hair is injected into this base which form fits perfectly on the person’s head. This type of wig can be warm and takes some getting use to—but they look great.

Before selecting a long hair wig each person should also consider the shape of their face so their look will be complimented.

What wigs work best for different face shapes?

Generally a person with an oval shaped face can wear just about any type of wig and it will be very flattering.

If you have a round face the object is to slim your face down. A long hair wig is a perfect choice as it will frame your face in a very flattering way.

If your face is square you want to soften your face. A long hair wig that allows for wispy or fringed bangs will work perfectly.

For faces that are long and thin, you want to avoid wigs that are too long. Because they will only make the face seem lengthier. The objective is to add width to your face.

A curly or wavy long hair wig that extends to the middle of the neck will look great.

We have researched the Internet and found the following suppliers that offer the best prices for all the top brands and designs of the long hair wig: Vogue Wigs.com and Celebrity Style Wigs.com.



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